NCSU Director of Piano Studies to Host Evening of Interstellar Exploration through Music 2/4/18

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On February 4th, Dr. Olga Kleiankina (Director of Piano Studies within the NC State Department of Music) and collaborators will host an evening of music dedicated to the exploration of space and the human experience. “…Our passage to the stars” will convey an imaginary human journey to the cosmos, encouraging the audience to experience the knowledge of the universe through emotions, spiritual beliefs, superstitions, and symbols. This project will involve Artificial Intelligence, electronic and acoustic music, and dance; all of this is only possible at a place like NC State, where science and art meet and interact.


Among the galaxy and exploration themed music within the program are two pieces that were specially commissioned for this event. The composers, Peter Askim and Rodney Waschka, are both NC State Department of Music faculty. The program is also unique in that it is interdisciplinary; the music will be accompanied by dance performances from the NC State Dance Company as well as moving visual art created by Emil Polyak, a faculty member within the NC State College of Design.


“…Our passage to the stars” will be performed in Stewart Theatre at 4 PM on 2/4/18.