NC State Piano Students to Perform at Triangle Russian Festival This Weekend

In addition to an on campus performance on February 18th, students of Piano Studies will give a special performance this weekend at the Triangle Russian Festival in Apex.

Under the direction of Olga Kleiankina, Director of Piano Studies, the students have prepared a collaborative performance of Tchaikovsy’s The Seasons, with different students performing each individual movement. Tchaikovsky, a highly revered Russian composer of the romantic period, composed some of the most acclaimed music within the classical cannon, including The Seasons. Dr. Kleiankina is excited to present this performance at the Triangle Russian Festival, which celebrates the arts, culture, and accomplishments of Russia and its people.”[This presentation is] an adventure that transports you to a different country in a different time,” said Dr. Kleiankina. “It really highlights the strength of our music minors.”

The students will take the main stage at 4:00 PM on Saturday, February 3rd. More information is available at the Triangle Russian Festival website.