Last Chance for Students to Sign Up for Music and Arts Program in Central Europe

The February 15th deadline for students to sign up to study abroad this summer is just a few short weeks away. Among the summer programs is a particularly exciting offering for students interested in both studying and experiencing the music and arts of Central Europe.

Music & Arts in Central Europe, led by NCSU Department of Music Faculty Dr. Tom Koch, will explore classical and popular traditions in music, architecture, painting, film, dance, and theater. From castles to cathedrals, coffee houses to opera houses, and jazz clubs to black light theater, excursions will enable students to recognize the impact of the visual and performing arts in contemporary society. Because students will be living in Prague, they will be fully entrenched in the subject they are studying.

The program fulfills a mandatory elective credit for music minors.

There will be an informational session on February 2nd at 4:30 PM in Broughton Hall 1402. Alternatively, students may drop by Dr. Koch’s office in Broughton Hall 2412 for more information.