In profile: Lindsey Wilson

Alby Rose Marching Band Scholarship


Lindsey Wilson


Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology


I started playing the alto saxophone in sixth grade, making this my eighth year on my instrument.


I have loved every moment with the NC State marching band so far. Getting to create amazing music with over 360 other musicians while cheering on our team makes all the hard work and practice pay off. I am super excited for the rest of the season and can’t wait for what’s ahead.

Other interests on campus

I’m still taking things slow as I adjust to college life, but so far I have joined the NC State Biotechnology Club. I plan to join the varsity pep band next semester and also hope to do undergraduate research in the future.

My participation in the NC State marching band has definitely helped my transition into college. I immediately found people who share similar interests, and being part of such a great organization gives me a sense of belonging on campus. I always look forward to practice and game days because it allows me to put any stress aside and enjoy myself.