Department of Music Coronavirus Updates

LAST UPDATED: Thursday, August 27

To protect the health and safety of the campus community, NC State will move all undergraduate courses to online formats on Monday, Aug. 24. Campus facilities will remain open. Learn more.

The health of our students, faculty, staff and community is our top priority, and we will continue to communicate with you as this situation evolves. Please refer to for the most up-to-date information on the university’s policies regarding the coronavirus.

When returning to Price Music Center and Broughton Hall, help us to protect the Pack and follow these procedures:

  1. Stay home if you have possible COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. Self report in case you are diagnosed with COVID-19.
  3. Maintain physical distances in all spaces (6 ft).
  4. Wear face coverings in all shared and common spaces. These are required.
  5. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or inside your elbow.
  6. Clean your hands (wash or sanitize) often.
  7. Do not eat in common areas and shared spaces inside the building.
  8. Interact with staff for whom plexiglass protection was installed from behind the plexiglass.
  9. Have only 1 person in faculty and staff offices.
  10. Dispose of gloves, masks, wipes, and cleaning cloths appropriately in the landfill trash can. These items are not recyclable.
  11. Do not remove or change the newly displayed signage.

In addition to campus-wide community standards, the following safety guidelines are in effect for Price Music Center:

  1. As face coverings are required throughout campus, please make sure you are also wearing your face covering as you enter and exit the building, and as you travel up and down any and all staircases.
  2. Use your elbow or appropriate objects to activate the automatic handicap entry buttons at the front of the building and avoid the high-touch door entry handles.
  3. Price Music Center will operate on a one-way traffic flow system. The primary entrance for Price will be the double doors along Cates Avenue. Exiting the building will be through the rear stairwell door (and around the building to your left).
  4. Occupants of PMC 110 or 120 will exit through the exit doors in those spaces. Traffic patterns will be clearly marked.
  5. The front staircase (Cates Avenue) will be restricted for travel up to the second floor. The rear staircase will be restricted to travel down to the first floor and out the exit at the rear of the building.
  6. Tables and seating throughout the building have been removed. Do not wait or sit on the floor in the hallways.
  7. A hand sanitizer dispenser will be located in the hallway near the Cates Avenue building entrance.
  8. Disinfect surfaces you will touch when you enter a room. Wipes will be available from dispensers in the hallways outside the practice rooms and in the large rehearsal halls. Please protect the pack…of wipes, and take only one.
  9. Water fountains will be available including water bottle refilling stations. They will be cleaned more frequently.

UPDATE 8/27/2020: Practice rooms in Price Music Center are only available to students enrolled in MUS classes.

The practice rooms in Price Music Center will be available for students referenced above by appointment only and during reduced hours. Rooms will be left vacant for an hour in between appointments. Disinfecting wipes will be available to wipe down piano keys before use. More information on how to reserve a practice room can be found here.

For the safety of our students, campus community and friends we will not hold indoor or in-person concerts this fall. Our ensemble directors are developing a variety of innovative plans for live streamed or recorded performances. Music performance minors will have recitals and family and friends will be able to watch them online.

Instrument rentals are available for students this fall, by appointment only. Read the instrument rental announcement for information on how to schedule your appointment.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Colin Moore ( with questions regarding rentals and building access.

In order to reduce traffic and density in the building, locker rentals will only be available for larger instruments and students requiring special accommodations. A storage facility for large marching band instruments will be located near the band’s practice field.

We strongly encourage students to follow the guidelines recommended by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) for the cleaning of both rented and personal instruments. 

Pack Essentials – This is a difficult time — help is available. NC State and campus partners have developed many programs to support students in need of food, housing, financial, and educational security. Don’t wait; if you’re experiencing challenges due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) submit a Pack Essentials application today.

Stay active – WellRec is sharing free online workouts you can do at home!

Community standards – Learn how you can do your part to protect the Pack.